pyTivoMetaGen 0.4

A metadata generator for pyTivo. Will create metadata files for TV and movies
0.4 (See all)

A metadata generator for pyTivo. It's command-line only, cross-platform and will create metadata files for movies and TV shows.
A pyTivo metadata file is a text file that is located in the same folder as the associated video file. It must have the same name as the video file along with a .txt extension. An example is if you have a video file called myVideo.avi, you will have to name your metadata file as: myVideo.avi.txt

Optionally, if a metadata file named default.txt exists, the settings in it will be used as defaults for all of the video files within that directory/folder. And if you don't like the .txt files cluttering your video directory, you may create a .meta subfolder within each directory and move your txt to the .meta subfolder.

For example, if you have a folder dedicated to a series, it'd be desirable to have the following fields in default.txt: seriesTitle, isEpisode (true), seriesId, displayMajorNumber, callsign, tvRating, showingBits, vProgramGenre, vActor, vExecProducer, vProducer, vHost. With those stored as defaults, one could add minimal episode-specific overrides such as episodeTitle, episodeNumber, tvRating, showingBits; additional vActor and vProducer fields; and fields without defaults such as vGuestStar.

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